10 Days Unplugged: Day 10 Discontentment

This is it we’re at the end of the road of our 10 Days Unplugged series. And I don’t know about you but I’m thankful to be at the end of it. It has given me a lot to think about from my own personal point of view in my life, and I hope it has given you the same.
I saved the best for last I suppose. And that is the unplugging of discontentment from our lives. This one we struggle with our whole life no matter how old you may be. Often we think that only kids are discontented, but in reality our discontentment merely changes and grows with age.
Discontentment in our lives can be emotional, physical, relational, and even spiritual. Any time we’re not satisfied with what’s going on because it’s not going our way. So here are three ways to unplug discontentment from our lives.

Attitude of gratitude

Having an attitude of gratitude is the first and foremost key in being content in life. No matter what is going on in your life taking time to be grateful for what God has given you will go a long way. It changes how you look at situations, and effects how you react to said situations. And it’s an attitude you have to choose to have everyday.

Trust God

Unplugging the discontentment also requires you to trust God completely in every part of your life. He wants to provide for you, but the only way He can is if you allow Him to provide for you. This means giving up control of every aspect of your life to Him.

Let it go

A final thing that you need to do is let it go. What ever you’re discontent with in your life you just need to let it go. We can’t take whatever it is to the grave. Be thankful that it has come into your life whether it’s good or bad and move on. Don’t keep letting it hold you back from bigger things that God wants to show and give you.

Discontentment ultimately is our choice. We choose to continue to be discontent or we can choose to be satisfied with God is doing in our lives and trust that He has it all under control. Plain an simple.
Burn bright, burn on…

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10 Days Unplugged: Day 9 Dissastisfaction

Ever have those times that you or no one around you can do anything right? Are you never satisfied with the quality of effort or work? Yea we all have these days in our lives, but is there an issue with being dissatisfied? There can be if we have unhealthy dissatisfactions. Here are three signs that you need to  unplug the dissatisfaction from the situation you’re in.

Don’t set the bar so high

How often do we get disappointed by setting such a high expectation that we ourselves or anyone around us for that matter can’t achieve it? Setting high expectations are good but setting them so high as to you or anyone else will never satisfy this high expectation is not healthy.
Learning to proud of what you can accomplish is important to healthy satisfaction. Excepting that your best is good is hard to do sometimes. Not to say that you’re not to push yourself, but don’t ask for more then what can be achieved.

Don’t set the bar so low

On the flip side of the last point is don’t set so low of a standard that you or others just get by. This happens a lot in businesses, a minimum is set and people only strive for it not to exceed it. Creating a dissatisfaction of the employer. Low bars will create an unhealthy dissatisfaction. I mean who wants a just enough to get through life.

Satisfaction is an attitude of gratitude 

Ultimately gratitude is the key to satisfaction in life. Being thankful for what God has given you, and being grateful enough to use those things to their fullest potential to bring Him honor an glory is the best attitude of gratitude you can show. Knowing that what you can do or what others can do is enough in God’s eyes is satisfying in itself.

There’s a lot that can be said on this topic, but honestly it comes down to we need to decide for ourselves whether the expectations are to high or low. And we have to decide to be thankful for what we are getting. Satisfaction is a personal thing.
Burn bright, burn on…
J.R. Briggs

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