A Contributor To Society

We often forget how much each of us contribute to society as a whole. We get to that point in our life sometimes when we feel like we’re not doing anything important. That we’re not providing anything positive to the team but only hindering it.

It’s easy to get to this point in life, but it’s not a healthy place to be either. This feeling of being a burden creates a hole of depression in our heart that’s hard to climb out of, and often we just give up and choose not to climb out of it. So when you get to this point, when you feel like you’re not beneficial, I want you to remember these couple points to help you get out of that hole.

God made you for a purpose only you can fulfill

Often when we get down in our attitude it’s because we’ve lost sight or don’t know what our purpose is at this point in our life. We feel like we’ve become a screw up or failure, but this isn’t the case. God designed each and everyone of us to fulfill a purpose in life to contribute to society as a whole and we’re the only one who can fill that purpose.

You may come back with, “well God can create someone else to fill that role” and He can, but He made you. We’re put here for a reason, for a mission and it’s our job to strive, seek, and achieve that purpose. We can’t sit and talk about what could of been, our path only leads to what our purpose can become. If your feeling like you’re not being beneficial then maybe it’s time to find out what purpose God has next for your life.

You’re worth something because Christ died for you

When we feel like we’re a burden to life it’s because we’ve lost our own self-worth. We no longer see the value in our existence from day to day, but let me tell you right that you’re valuable. So much so that Christ went to a cross and died one of the most painful deaths to pay your debt of sins, then He rose from the grave giving you a new purpose to live.

Paying the debt of death tells me that Christ found you and me pretty valuable. Because you don’t pay a debt that high unless you see potential in that person. You’re worth a lot more then you’re telling yourself. Christ proved that on the cross. If He was willing to do that how can you or me offer anything less then our best to purpose He’s put us here to fulfill?


We all contribute to society whether it be a smile or the cure to cancer. God put us here and until He comes back or takes us home we’re to be still actively seeking ways to contribute. You only become a burden when you choose to let your fears dictate your life. Instead face your fears and become who you were made to be.

Burn bright, burn on…

J.R. Briggs

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