Say The Word

This the last day of our The Word series I want to cover the most important thing that we can do in living out the Word in our lives, and that is saying the Word aloud. We’ve talked about service, living, and being unashamed of the Word now we need to say the Word to the world. So here are three things to encourage you to say the Word.


#1: Containment isn’t God’s way


You remember that feeling you got when you first got baptized? The one where you wanted to just tell everyone you came into contact with that you had been saved and wanted to tell them about Christ? Yea, we all had that but some how during the coarse of us moving along in our faith we loose that. And I don’t believe that is something to be lost of forgotten.

The salvation, hope, love, relationship, and conviction is something He designed for us to contain within ourselves. He wants us to spill over with everything He gave to us and share it with others, to share the Word. So that urge to say something “spiritual” during a conversation with a unbelieving coworker doesn’t have to be held back. Bring it up you never know when it might just start a conversation.


#2: You’re not wasting time


Sometimes when we do share the Word with people we feel like they didn’t pay attention or were not really interested. Making us feel like we’re wasting time on that person. But the bible makes it abundantly clear that the Word never comes back void. Just because someone doesn’t want to be saved right then and there doesn’t mean you’re just flapping your mouth. God is planting a seed through you in their heart. Though it may never grow until years later, you’re not wasting your time, you’re merely working the soil and that is just as important as helping them ask God for salvation.


#3: There is no burden


The Word isn’t a burden to us. The more we serve, live, and say it to the world the lighter it becomes. Our lives will blossom and lighten with the Word spilling over. Not to say that there wont be tough times cause there will be, but it will help us just as much as the person we share it with.


We’re proud of the Word, and what it has done and meant in our lives. It’s time to share it with the rest of the world. Standing up for what we believe and fighting for the truth that we’ve seen. God has commissioned the Word, spoke the Word, and is the Word. He made us worthy through Christ’s sacrifice to be ambassadors of the Word and it should our joy to carry it.

Burn bright, burn on…

J.R. Briggs

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Unashamed Of The Word

So far in this short series we’ve talked about serving and living the Word, now I want to cover being unashamed of the Word. Now it’s easy if you’re young christian to say that you’ll never be ashamed of the Word, but we all at some point in our walk with Christ both young and veteran christians alike have a time that we’re ashamed of our faith. Does this make us any less of a christian? By no means and never tell yourself or let someone else talk this way about your faith.

From my personal experience and observations I believe that the strongest believers and defenders of the faith are the ones who did have doubts about their faith. The ones who got mocked for being a christian, but they didn’t let it end there. They learned to use this doubt and shame to find the spark that first lit the fire in their soul in the first place.

Christ talks about not being ashamed of Him or our faith, but He also knows that we’re only human. We make mistakes and fall short all the time, but this doesn’t give us an excuse to not get back up and get back into the fight. I want to give you three things to think about the next time you’re ashamed of the Word. That way instead of giving up, you step up unashamed.


#1: You aren’t walking alone


Sometimes we forget in our walk to let God walk with us. We try to do everything ourselves and that’s just not how it works. We utterly fall short and become ashamed. It’s a shame of not our real faith rather the false faith we’ve created through our worldly desires. Let go of we can do it ourselves and letting God help guide us will change our perspective on life completely. And He wants to meet us half way, but we have to let Him do it His timing and not ours.


#2: You can’t win everyone


Often I think we get high on ourselves as christians. We feel that everyone we come into contact with responds to a call to faith by our awesome evangelistic skills. But in reality this is just pride because eventually we run into that one person who has a rebuttal and accusation for our faith. But we’re so determined to swing them around that we lose sight of the fact that we’re not the ones who make salvation possible. God is the one who calls people to salvation. We are merely the messengers of the Word, but only God can convict the heart of the need for salvation. And there’s no shame in just letting Him do the convicting.


#3: Remember why you chose the Word


And finally we often just lose sight of why we chose to listen to the Word and make God part of our lives. When we get down and even get lost stepping back and letting God show us where we were and why He called us will change our perspective. We’re still going make mistakes, it’s our human nature, but it’s the nature of the Word that we’ve excepted that is now making in our lives.


When you step back and analyze your faith fully and what impact the Word has had on your life, you begin to see that there’s nothing to ashamed of rather you should be proud. God sent His Son to become the embodiment of the Word so that we could attain it. God showed us that He wasn’t ashamed of us, rather He wanted to relate with us and us with Him once again. And if He is unashamed to call us His people after the junk and mistakes we’ve made, then there is no reason we should be ashamed of Him or His Word.

Burn bright, burn on…

J.R. Briggs

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Live The Word

We’re continuing with our series The Word and today we’re talking about living the Word in everyday life. The Word isn’t just spoken word or written word it’s flesh, the embodiment of God Himself through Christ becoming human two thousand years ago. It’s what made it possible for us to have a personal relationship with God once more since the entrance of sin into the world. Now as christians it’s are job to share that Word and relationship with the rest of world that doesn’t know. So here are three ways to live the Word in our lives everyday.


#1: Serve others


Living the Word is more then just proclaiming to be a christian and reading your bible. It’s also taking action to help the world. When Christ came He didn’t come to get pampered or raised up as a King, He came to serve us. To lift us and show us that we’re worth something. He served us even when we didn’t deserve it. We should have the same attitude. We should be willing to see people worth something to the point that we serve them even though they’re not “royal”. We’re all special in God’s eyes and that’s all that matters.


#2: Share with others


One thing that we don’t like to do as humans is share, but in reality if we’re trying to live the Word, why wouldn’t we want to share what we’ve been given? We’ve been blessed by God in so many ways through financial, or talents, and even prayer. There are so many ways that God provides us with excess to not keep for ourselves but rather to share with others so that they to can see the Word.


#3: Give to others


Part of living the Word sometimes means giving even when there’s no return for the giver. Christ was a perfect example. He gave through out His ministry with out expectation or concern of personal return. We’re here to minister and give to people, not to get rewards. We’re called to care for the broken and hurting even when we don’t get anything back.


When Christ came to this world as the living Word he came for us. He didn’t come for self-service and self-fulfillment, but rather He came with each of us in mind and our eternal future. The same should be true with how we live our lives. How we live the Word, with others in mind not our self-gain.

Burn bright, burn on…

J.R. Briggs.

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