Not So Silent A Night

As we roll full speed into the station called the Christmas Holidays, and yes I still use Christmas, we have a tendency to misunderstand the reason for the season. Oh, beyond the nativity scene, the star, wise men, shepherds, and sheep there’s a more important factor. And it’s not just that baby Jesus was born, but why He was born.

We often envision Jesus as a cute little white baby all bundled up and sleeping peacefully in the manger. And maybe He was I don’t know I was there, but I think about the birth of Christ as not at all silent as the song describes. I think it was the nosiest thing on earth until we hear the final trumpet.

Think about it, how many births have been quite? How many animals were in that barn and sensing the coming of the King? Think about hosts of angles that were singing outside of town for the shepherds to see. This wasn’t no silent night.

Out of a silent night came a baby’s cry that would shake the foundation’s of the universe. Christ’s birth signified the coming of all our hopes and dreams. A herald of something bigger and better then this life we’ve created for ourselves. Out of the silent night came a baby’s cry that would eventually be a cry of forgiveness on a cross thirty some odd years later that would ring out into all eternity as a song and beacon of hope. It wasn’t a silent night, maybe it was literally but we don’t know, it was roar. The roar of a Lion waking and stirring at the end of the night and looking to a rising sun.

Christmas is a holiday that we should remember and celebrate, but should remember not as just a birth of a baby but the dawn of hope.

Burn bright, burn on…

J.R. Briggs

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Attitude Of Receiving

This time year everyone is talking about the spirit of giving and the gift God sent to us on christmas, but one thing people I think forget to elaborate on is the other side of that coin. The receiving end of the gift and the attitude behind it.

Have you ever seen a young kid who gets everything in the world that he or she wants, and so every time they get something new they have a complaint because who ever bought the gift didn’t buy the right one? We all know what kid that is, and no ever wants to buy a gift for them because they’re first of all spoiled and second of all they have a bad attitude of receiving.

Now step back for a moment and think about the gift God gave you and me. He sent Jesus as a baby to grow up and eventually pay our debt of sin on a cross. Now think about how our attitude is toward the receiving of that gift. I know for myself personally I tend to be a little like that spoiled kid when it comes to my gratitude and attitude of my salvation.The bible talks about how it’s “more blessed to give then receive” but how can we appreciate the blessings of giving if we’ve failed to appreciate the gift of salvation?

Remembering where we came from is key to where we are going when it comes to having a receiving attitude. Remember that before Christ’s sacrifice the punishment for sins was death and I don’t know about your but that is a high price, but God thought us worth it. Now is He worth our gratitude for that price He paid?

The key to an attitude of receiving is learning that it’s one of humility and not expectancy. The best gifts that we receive are the ones we didn’t see coming and these also are the ones we’re most grateful for. From there you can pass it on to someone else by giving them that which is most sought after. Love, the heart behind both giving and receiving.

Burn bright, burn on…

J.R. Briggs

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Birth Of Hope

We’re now full swing into the Christmas holiday, and people are getting busy with the hustle and bustle of the season. With Christmas carols, parties, and shopping we tend to get caught up in the thrill and excitement of the holiday, but not the right excitement.


So often blogs and articles are posted about remembering the “reason for the season” but that’s not what I’m trying to do. I think we sometimes down grade the birth of Christ this time of year. It’s not that we forget or don’t celebrate His birth, we just don’t think about it’s impact on the bigger picture of our faith.

Christ birth is a huge piece in the picture of salvation. His birth was one that brought about a hope that rings out through history even to today. His birth herald the beginning of the mend of our relationship with God. A relationship that had been broken since the fall of man in the garden.

The birth of the Savior wasn’t just an occasion for angles to sing and kings from afar to take a long astronomy vacation. It was God reaching out to humanity and setting His plan into motion to fill in the gap that was created by sin. He began the fulfillment of His promise of salvation for His people.

This is HUGE! The God of the universe reached out to save us and mend the relationship with Him that we broke. He did all of this by sending His only son to live among us, eventually die a brutal death, and rise from the dead with a promise to come back one day and live with us for eternity.

This is the hope Christ birth brought, and that is what we should get excited about this time of the year. It’s more then a special baby being born. Christ birth was God coming to live among men once again, and pave the way for us to be able to live with Him eternally.

If that doesn’t excite you then your missing out. “The reason for the season” isn’t wrong, just undersold, but doesn’t have to be.

Burn bright, burn on…

J.R. Briggs


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