Fear In The Balance

In the past couple of years, my kids and I have been on an extremely difficult journey. On the course of this journey we have dived in the Bible to deal with this well. Like any situation, in life, we have stumbled and fell, but we have grown stronger in helping each other up and in our study of the Bible. Our struggles and focus has been on dealing with fear.

Fear is a powerful tool, if you let it be! “If?!,” one might say and I would reply, “Yes only if!” In the Bible there are more that 365 references of “fear not” or about fear that we might encounter in life, good and bad. Obviously, we all will struggle with the ‘bad’ fear in our life, but we are not supposed to let it control our lives.

I homeschool my kids and part of their curriculum is the study of the Bible. My nine year old has really struggled with fear. So as part of her Bible study and verse memorization, I have had her writing verses about fear and about how God sees her. One particular verse has jumped out at her and is a very helpful tool in her life. Anytime any of us starts struggling with fear this verse is brought up to use as a tool to combat the fear.2 Timothy 1:7 “…for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”I made a balance for her and I put fear on one side and on the other side I put power, love and self-control. I told her, “The only way that fear takes over is when you jump on the fear side of the balance. Then it has power and control in your life. Love is not able to be used either. BUT if you stand on Jesus’ side then power, love and self-control will always win!” What a powerful tool!!

My challenge for you from this day forward is this…stand on Jesus’ side of the balance and let power, love and self-control given by God to you win in your life!

Have a great walk with Jesus today! Live your Amazing Worth out loud!!!



In Christ’s Amazing Service,


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Miracle in Disguise

I have lived a fair share of life and have seen my share of miracles. Miracles that I cannot explain but that ONLY God could have done them. I have lived enough life to know that I am blessed beyond belief. I believe I have enough wisdom to realize that I only know of a very tiny amount of the blessings that God graciously bestowed on me at any given moment in time so far. I am sure it is more than I could ever imagine! In the last couple of days, I have seen some events happening in my family that are amazing miracles and a huge blessings in ways I would have never seen coming!

Let me give you a little background information to help. In 2013 I took my, then, almost 2 year old to the eye doctor a couple of times because I noticed odd behaviors from her. The fact that she couldn’t see the TV from one foot away was the dead give away among several other clues. Each time we went to the eye doctor in 2014 her eyes were worse. By the spring of 2014, I found out she was quickly moving toward going legally blind. I was really taken aback by the news of it all. Here was my precious 4 year old going blind!

As I knelt in prayer, I wrestled with the thought that this little girl had already been through so much it didn’t seem right that she would loose her sight too. I also started mourning all the things she would miss and never see or do. I had already watched her struggle to deal with what little she could see and do. I felt sorry for her. Then God enlightened me! I was being blessed and watching a miracle through and in her, but I could not see a miracle much less a blessing in it!! What I did not know was God was about to reveal more than one miracle and countless blessings surrounding this happening!

I was struggling not to say, “It’s not fair God!!! This little girl has already been through so much!!” I was mad and I would soon realize I was really feeling sorry for myself. Ouch!

We all do that every now and then don’t we? We know of someone or something that is going on in life and use it to feel “sorry” for them when we really are feeling “sorry” for ourselves and use that to justify our anger at God. God showed me that the really problem was my lack of contentment. “What?” I said. “Contentment? How?” In My Bible time that day, I was in Phil. 4. We will look at verses 11-13. The writer says, “…for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content…I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Also, I Timothy 6:6-16, “…godliness with contentment is great gain…” I realized that by feeling sorry for her and me, I was robbing both of us of the rich blessing of contentment in this situation! What a fool I was!! I knew God had already gifted her to do what He made her to accomplish. I needed to accept it and get out of His way and choose to be a willing tool to guide and love her through all that was yet to come!

Well, we picked up her new glasses last week and that was the beginning of the miracles and blessings that have been flooding our family. She was sitting 6 feet away from me and with the biggest grin on her face says, “I can see you mommy!” In my mind I thanked God for a miracle! You see, up to this point in time, she could only see about three feet in front of her. She was always doing face plants into things and people. She was so afraid to do anything, or be far (within 3 feet) away from her siblings or I. Because of seeing so little, she would jump at everything and freak out at every movement or sound. She was afraid of going out because it made her very tired to jump back and run into things all day. That day we picked up her glasses it all changed!

She seen things in the sky and going by as we drove home that she had never seen before, even though we had passed them countless times. As soon as we got home, she walked around outside of the house looking at all that had been there since she was born with complete amazement and wonder! She took off running down the sidewalk at full speed!! She had never been able to go full speed before because she couldn’t see the ground well enough to run. She came back to me all out of breath and said, “I’m real fast mommy!” “What a miracle!” I thought.

I used to think that with a miracle there had to be a complete healing but does it? Then I realized, God was totally right!! My contentment was a real issue! Whether we had a blessing, a miracle on our hands or that it was just a normal event, I needed to learn to be content with God’s choice for my little girl to be 9.5+ on the scale of 10 and anything else He has and would choose for her life and mine. I was totally missing the blessings wrapped up in the miracles of what God has chosen for her and for me!! The miracles and the blessings have nothing to do with her sight or lack there of but of God’s gift of contentment with His choices for our lives, hers and mine. We do not need a miracle to be blessed! God blesses us with miracles and blessings in many different packaging! Both are ONLY from God for our benefit, but without contentment, we will never except the gifts of them both as Truth and His love for us!

My challenge for you is this…look at your life and if you have an area in your life that you might feel anxious or like something is “not fair,” then ask God to help you to be content with His decision to allow you to grow in those events. Even if you cannot see why or how it is to your benefit right now, abide in His blessings, love and wisdom! Like myself, you might realize how VERY blessed you are by the miracle you have received! In my case it was not full healing of her eyes but of my heart!

Remember your AMAZING WORTH and live it out loud!!


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Say The Word

This the last day of our The Word series I want to cover the most important thing that we can do in living out the Word in our lives, and that is saying the Word aloud. We’ve talked about service, living, and being unashamed of the Word now we need to say the Word to the world. So here are three things to encourage you to say the Word.


#1: Containment isn’t God’s way


You remember that feeling you got when you first got baptized? The one where you wanted to just tell everyone you came into contact with that you had been saved and wanted to tell them about Christ? Yea, we all had that but some how during the coarse of us moving along in our faith we loose that. And I don’t believe that is something to be lost of forgotten.

The salvation, hope, love, relationship, and conviction is something He designed for us to contain within ourselves. He wants us to spill over with everything He gave to us and share it with others, to share the Word. So that urge to say something “spiritual” during a conversation with a unbelieving coworker doesn’t have to be held back. Bring it up you never know when it might just start a conversation.


#2: You’re not wasting time


Sometimes when we do share the Word with people we feel like they didn’t pay attention or were not really interested. Making us feel like we’re wasting time on that person. But the bible makes it abundantly clear that the Word never comes back void. Just because someone doesn’t want to be saved right then and there doesn’t mean you’re just flapping your mouth. God is planting a seed through you in their heart. Though it may never grow until years later, you’re not wasting your time, you’re merely working the soil and that is just as important as helping them ask God for salvation.


#3: There is no burden


The Word isn’t a burden to us. The more we serve, live, and say it to the world the lighter it becomes. Our lives will blossom and lighten with the Word spilling over. Not to say that there wont be tough times cause there will be, but it will help us just as much as the person we share it with.


We’re proud of the Word, and what it has done and meant in our lives. It’s time to share it with the rest of the world. Standing up for what we believe and fighting for the truth that we’ve seen. God has commissioned the Word, spoke the Word, and is the Word. He made us worthy through Christ’s sacrifice to be ambassadors of the Word and it should our joy to carry it.

Burn bright, burn on…

J.R. Briggs

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