Truth Factor

What is the truth of life? What determines it’s boundaries and guild lines? The answer is simple and sometimes hard for us to except and that is God. God is truth plain and simple. He determines what is right and what is wrong in the world. He lays out the plans and tells us what we need to here.

The truth factor of life is sometimes hard to except as humans. Our broken hearts somehow want to believe that we can manipulate and even determine the truth about our lives but we can’t.

Sin by nature is a lie. It’s a parasitic organism of the spiritual heart that grows and feeds off of the lies we tell ourselves when we do something wrong but try to justify it with our own twisted reasoning. Sin tells us that it’s okay, what we’re doing wont hurt anyone, that everything will be fine. This is a false sense of reality that we allow ourselves believe out of fear. And just because this is our perception of reality doesn’t mean it’s truth.

We like to factor into our lives everything that what we want or think should happen, both good and bad. When instead we should factor our inadequate and false perception in and relinquish all control of our lives to God and allow truth to have its day. This is a scary perspective to let God have full control of our lives but lets face it we’re not doing any better, and the truth of the matter is God has more knowledge and insight in the matter then we give Him credit for.

There’s no reason to continue on in life with the charade that we’re only telling ourselves. The truth factor is we can’t determine what is truth or isn’t in our lives, only God can do this and He did that by writing it down in this book called the Bible.

So the next time you’re struggling with what reality and truth of life is maybe take a moment to see what God has to say on the matter. And listen to what the real truth is in life.

Burn bright, burn on…

J.R. Briggs

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Video: How not to witness

This is a good one that I have always found funny. Enjoy…

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Innovated Hearts

Human innovation has changed the world in so many different ways from the creation of the wheel to the invention of the super computer. The drive to strive for a better more illustrious life. An attempt to make things easier for ourselves and others is the force behind our innovation.

Now think for a moment what would happen if we took that same drive and determination applying it not to physical innovations but to spiritual innovations. To innovation of the heart you may say. Striving to make things better for our internal life as well as for others.

Christ did create an innovation for our hearts. He bridge the chasm called sin so that we could personally connect with God. Back in the old testament times the Israelites couldn’t come into God’s presence. Only the High Priest was allowed to once a year and only under the most precise ritual. Where he would present an offering up to God to atone for the sins of the Israelites.

Sin is an action of the heart. Of our impulsive nature to do what we want when we want to do it. Which is not bad in itself, this is the free will that God gave us, but that impulse to do what we know is wrong knowingly is the crime.

When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden it created the chasm. God can’t tolerate sin in His presence. The atonement for our sins is death, but God is also mercy. He created a way in which we no longer would need a priest to go in once a year and lift up an offering on our behalf. He sent the ultimate High Priest, His son Jesus Christ, who payed the ultimate sacrifice as one final offering bridging the chasm for eternity.

Christ’s act of worship created the ability for us to be able to come before God and be in His presence once again. We often don’t think about it in these terms. We often think of the death and resurrection as one of physical victory, which it is to a point, but more importantly it was and innovation for our hearts. It changed the world I have not doubt, but it also changed each and everyone of us in a way we may never quite be able to understand in this life.

Now the question remains is will you continue to allow Christ to innovate your heart?

Burn bright, burn on…

J.R. Briggs

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