Letting Go Of The Wheel

Control is a big part of our life whether we like to admit it or not. We like to know and have our hand in everything in our life. Fear of the unknown factors of life the driving force behind this control. But would happen if we let God take the wheel of our life? What would happen if we stop trying to control the path we’re on and let Him control it?

I know from my own personal life how hard it is to let go of the control in your life. I struggle with it everyday I get up until I lay down, and even then I’m constantly fighting the urge to make my plans.

So how do we fight this urge to continually take control of our lives, letting go of the wheel, and letting God have full control? It’s more simple of an answer then we tend to think it is, but it’s one of the most difficult practices to apply to our life. It doesn’t come natural to us. So here are three steps to practice everyday to help you let go of the wheel and give control of your life to God.

Step 1: Remember that it all belongs to Him

One thing we all forget is that everything in the world was made for and by God. It belongs to Him and He do with it as He pleases. We’re only here as stuarts of what He gives us to take care of in our short existence.Our Families, kids, houses, jobs, belongings, and the list goes on and on are God’s and God’s alone.

When we come to this understanding that everything in our lives including our very life, we begin to see how trivial our attempts are to play god of our lives. We can’t and wont ever have a hope of controlling them. Our thinking and attitudes have to change to one that knows that everything is God’s and He will take care of it as He needs it taken care of.

Step 2: Think of your life as an act of worship

Playing off the first step in that we’re stuarts of everything we’re given, it’s important to remember and think or our every measure of our lives as an act of worship. It’s in the bible, we’re to offer up our lives as living sacrifices, this is our spiritual act of worship.

When we start thinking of everything in our lives as an act of worship how we perform everyday tasks and tasks we don’t like changes dramatically. We begin to no longer see it as a them as burdens but as offerings to the One who blesses us with the opportunity and lessons to live life.

Step 3: Stop worrying about the future

This is the one that I personally struggle with I think the most. Worrying about the future is undue stress we create in our lives. We’re guaranteed nothing beyond the moment we’re currently living. One breath at a time is all we have and all we’ll get.

When you think about it like that you begin to see the foolishness of how we worry about the life ahead that we don’t even know will happen. I’m not saying to plan ahead, because that’s equally as foolish, but don’t get so tide up in the things that can possibly go wrong. There’s no guarantee that you’ll even get the opportunity to walk down that road. God has a plan specially designed for each of us, and He has worked out all the plans and things we’ll need along the way. No reason to worry about them.

Letting go of the wheel of our lives is a constant battle, and we slip into taking back the wheel quickly if we don’t keep a concisous thought of giving God control. Just like a passenger ripping the steering wheel from the driver suddenly causes a wreck, so does our inability to trust God with our life as we rip control away from Him.

Burn bright, burn on…

J.R. Briggs

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Forgotten Love

Do you remember your first kiss? That first person of opposite gender that you had butterflies for? That person you would do anything for? We all experience it. It’s this thing called love and we do some insane things for love. Somethings we giggle at every time we think back or cringe when someone brings up the memory. Needless to say I think I can safely say we’ve all had a tinge of love in our life at some point in our life.

Now do you remember the first time you fell in love with Christ? Now I’m not meaning to sound creepy or weird, but when is the first time you fell in love with Christ? Love isn’t just a intimate, physical, butterflies kind of love but something much deeper. It’s the purest kind of love there is, and the most dangerous kind of love. It’s a sacrificial, unbiased, selfless kind of love.

I feel like this a huge part of our faith that we’ve lost, that we’ve forgotten. We’ve forgotten the love that Jesus came here to show us and share with us some two thousand years ago. It’s the relationship that was broken back in the garden by man’s sin. We were made to dwell with God all the time. To be able to share an intimate relationship of love with God.

Our perspective and God’s perspective on love are totally different. Our sin has distorted and contorted our beliefs about love to the point of that when God seeks to love us it scares us. It scares us because of how vulnerable and intimate we must become before God.

We’re afraid of getting that close to anyone and not just God. Our concept of love has warped our minds to the point that when someone wants to love us, truly love us, that we run away from it. The reason we run is because it requires us giving a part of ourself, sacrificing, dying of yourself for that person willingly.

This is perfect love and God showed this by sending His only Son to die on the cross for our sins. He gave a part of Himself willingly to mend the relationship of love that was broken by our sin. Christ did the first part now we have to complete the relationship. We have to move past our fear of intimacy and vulnerability to be able to complete the relationship. We have to remember the love that we’re meant to have.

When we start excepting and returning this love with God our lives with change in a dynamic way. We will begin to see the world the way we were meant to see it. Our perspective will change how we handle troubles in our life and people in our life.

Now when that relationship of love with God is strong our relationship with others will change as well. We’ll seek stronger more meaningful relationships. Encouraging others and being encouraged to share our deepest thoughts and feelings. Creating friendships that are center around something more important then any other friendship we’ve had.

This forgotten love isn’t completely lost. God is seeking to share it with you and me, but we have to be willing to except it and return it. It will change everything. It will be scary at first, I know, but its benefits far out way the doubts we may have.

Burn bright, burn on…

J.R. Briggs

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